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Sports Injuries

From the weekend warrior, to the elite athlete, everyone who plays a sport knows what it’s like to be injured. JD Podiatry will use the latest technology mixed with the most up-to-date knowledge to assess your injury right from the early stages and guide you through an effective treatment plan to get you back to your fittest as quick as possible.

JD Podiatry sponsor Surf Coast F.C. in Torquay and are active members within the community and local sports clubs. JD Podiatry is available to carry out injury prevention talks, team screenings and offer discount rates to your local club.

Children and Podiatry

Children are not just smaller versions of adults; they are constantly growing and changing and need to be treated differently. JD Podiatry has the approach that prevention is better than a cure and if we can provide you with the tools to prevent injuries later in life then this is the best result for everyone. Much like the foundations of your house, it is crucial that nothing is out-of-whack while you build or grow.

Children can be screened for potential problems later in life however the most common injuries associated with children are flat feet and ‘growing pains’, both of which require a thorough assessment to firstly determine whether they are within the normal limits. If not, a simple treatment program can be implented to ensure your child is back to running around pain free as soon as possible. If for nothing but peace of mind, an assessment can ease your worries, and if treatment is required, remember that prevention is always better than a cure.


Orthotics are used to treat a wide range of injuries including tendon, ligament and joint injuries. It is important to carry out a complete and thorough biomechanical assessment prior to orthotics being issued as they should not be used as the first line of treatment or a quick fix.

JD Podiatry will carry out a complete biomechanical assessment to determine whether orthotics are a necessary treatment option for you, this will then be followed by a discussion on whether semi-custom or full custom orthotics are required for your best treatment. JD Podiatry utilises the latest technology including computer gait analysis and 3D laser scanning to ensure a comprehensive assessment is carried out and the best results are just around the corner. If you suffer from ongoing foot or ankle pain, the answer could be just around the corner.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails are one of the most painful and uncomfortable conditions. If you are suffering with an ingrown toenail, JD Podiatry will assess the severity and treat it conservatively by clearing the nail and infection if possible. Unfortunately the nail can sometimes break the skin and cause an infection, if this is the case, a small procedure may be required to numb the toe and remove the nail.

Nail surgery is a procedure carried out to remove part, or all of a nail. Problem nails that we commonly treat are, infected ingrowing toenails and curved or distorted/thick nails that are causing pain. Phenol is the chemical used to stop re-growth of the nail.


Prolotherapy is a simple procedure carried out to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Prolotherapy consists of a series of injections used in the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries but is also very effective in arthritic knee, ankle and big toe joints

In most cases, commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections and more drastic measures like surgery may just mask pain and not address the cause of the symptoms. Prolotherapy requires post graduate training and is a great treatment option for those chronic, niggling injuries.

Footwear Assessment

One of the most crucial aspects of Podiatry is assessing footwear and ensuring you are in the correct shoe for your foot. When you go and buy shoes, there are hundreds to choose from, but it is possible to get it wrong and this alone can be the cause of your problem or on the flip side if it’s corrected, can resolve your problem.

A footwear assessment involves going through all your commonly worn shoes, taking a thorough history of your daily activities and medical history, followed by a biomechanical assessment to see whether everything lines up. A footwear prescription is then prescribed for you to keep and take with you to all your favourite shoes shops to ensure you are always in the best shoes for your feet.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics require an annual foot assessment, much like they require an annual eye test. The reason this is so essential is because Diabetes can affect the both the circulation and the nerves in the feet, increasing your risk of peripheral vascular disease and peripheral neuropathy. Common symptoms include numbness, pins and needles, tingling, burning, and hot or cold feet.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, it is strongly advised that you see your local podiatrist for a thorough diabetic assessment.

Consultation Fees

Consultation Duration Cost
Initial consultation 45 minutes $105
Follow up appointment 30 minutes $85
Kids Special and Surf Coast F.C. Members 20% off

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